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Howdy! As an aspiring journalist, I have found several opportunities to become the growing photographer and writer that I am today, including school sports, collegiate basketball games, portraiture, and even weddings. I've grown up in Dallas, TX for the entirety of my life but I am eager to continue this new chapter of my life at the University of Missouri. I hope to pursue sports journalism as a career, whether for a collegiate sports team or even ESPN. I am currently a sophomore in college and have previously taken several journalism classes, including an independent study in photojournalism, where I was able to put this site together.

Through my independent study class, I was mentored by Marcia Allert, the Director of Visual Journalism at the Dallas Morning News, who had a huge contribution toward the editing process of my photos. I was also selected to shoot the Conference-USA basketball tournament for Western Kentucky University before it was canceled due to COVID-19. For the 2020-21 school year, I was a Co-Editor-In-Chief for my high school's yearbook staff with hopes of making it the best book with a stellar community, as that is a huge passion of mine.

Ever since I received my first camera at age 13, I've been inspired to capture tender moments of peoples' lives, whether it's a simple portrait, cap and gown pics, or a sporting event. I hope to be able to work with you soon!


Thanks for submitting!

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